Publisert av: ingridmogstad | 29. mai 2011

Trying out my skills as an artist while building relations with a bat

I’ve been spending the last weeks trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have plenty of ideas, but the problem is; how do I get there? What should I study this autumn? Should I go on with political science or should I do something else? I who hoped this choice was already taken. So wrong can you be, especially when you go to South East Asia to find yourself (I’m such a cliché). Anyhow, I think this is a good thing. No matter how difficult, pausing to figure out what I really want to do is probably a good idea.

Last weekend Aiesec Cambodia arranged a seminar for us, a midterm evaluation, for all the Aiesec-interns in Cambodia to sit together and discuss their cultural experience. The only problem was that my flat mate and I are the only Aiesec interns in Cambodia, and we already talk quite a lot about our experience as it is. To avoid having an awkward seminar in big conference hall with two participants who already knows each other above average well, Aiesec invited us to Sihanouk Ville. Here we had a relaxed atmosphere and creative tasks, a brilliant alternative. We made a short film and we got to draw our stay here so far on a piece of paper! Here is my drawing:

I feel my skills as an artist is very much justified in this picture, so at least I can eliminate «painting artist» as an alternative trade when I grow up.

There is one more thing I feel I have to share here while I’m at it; we have a bat living in our hallway! Isn’t that bizarre? I named him «Steffen» after I met him while he was hanging from the lamp outside of our door. I looked at him, he looked at me, both curious, but a bit insecure. Suddenly he yawned, blinked a few times with his black eyes before he dropped from the lamp and swayed over my head, down the stairs, in to the night. It was incredible. I have seen him on numerous occasions later, but he’s always quick to leave. The only problem is that he is a messy bat, and always leaves his waste including green leafs and berries in front of the door. But, as Hannah Montana puts it; nobody’s perfect. And I have no clue of how to get rid of bats; my bat experience is fairly limited. Not that I would want to anyways.


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